Hiroshi Matsumoto Ph. D. Biochemistry of Herbicides and Phytotoxins

Plant seedlings and suspension-cultured cells in a growth chamber.
Most of Dr. Matsumoto's research is focused on mechanisms of action and resistance to phytotoxic substances such as herbicides, allelochemicals and phytotoxins in weeds and crops. Using physiological and biochemical approaches, the modes of action of many commercialized and experimental phytotoxic compounds have been demonstrated. His research also extended to mechanisms of selective phytotoxicity of the compounds among plant species.

The experiments involve the identification of molecular targets, inhibition studies of the target enzymes, purification and characterization of the enzymes, characterization of the secondary effects, mechanism of damage development, and absorption, translocation and metabolic fate of the chemicals in plants, etc.

The work to investigate the mechanism of induction of plant tolerance to the chemicals are also underway. Other progressing projects are elucidation of regulation mechanism of various plant component synthesis pathway, selection of resistant cells to phytotoxic substances, and identification and isolation of genes responsible for the resistance to the substances.

Current research topics and recent achievements are related with the following subjects.

Future works will focus on discovering of environmentally and toxicologically benign herbicidal compounds with new modes of action, and identification, isolation, and cloning of genes responsible for the plant resistance to the new compounds.

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